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Recoleta is one of distinguished areas of Buenos Aires. Its privileged and central location in the city, the French architectural buildings and historical interest stops, makes it unforgettable.  During your stay, you will walk through this neighborhood, that more reminiscent of Paris, with countless coffees, debris and the best boutiques, enjoy Plaza Francia vibrating to the beat of Musicians, artisans and street shows, and tour the famous, for its sculptures Cemetery. Else, Recoleta is close to all Buenos Aires, must be seen places.



Buenos Aires was appointed as the first UNESCO City of Design, and inhabitants have been historically characterized as "fashion-conscious". Recoleta,is the quintessential neighbourhood for exclusive and upscale fashion houses. In particular, Avenida Alvear is home to the most exclusive representatives of haute couture in the city and Patio Bullrich Shopping Mall, both remarkable places at walking distance from Mayla

Plaza Francia & Recoleta Cementery

Recoleta`s cemetery is arguably BA’s number-one attraction, and a must on every tourist’s list. You can wander for hours in this amazing city of the dead, where countless ‘streets’ are lined with impressive statues and marble mausoleums.  From presidents, heroes and writes to loved Eva Peron, many have made it past the gates here. Out of the cementery lays Plaza Francia, Centro Cultural Recoleta, Modern Art Museum, and atractions that will make wonderful memories of your visit.

Beef & Malbec

Argentina  is most famous for its world-class beef, tough gastronmy incorporates influences from many other distinct cuisines around the world. A few steps from Mayla you will find author restorans and remarkable cafes as La Biela or Cafe de la Paix. When it comes to wines, Argentine Malbec is already a remarkable world brand which is worth tasting. Urban wine tasting tours gather a couple of minutes from Mayla.


The sports of the Kings. Challenging, brave, elegant.  Argentine Polo hels the most important international championships . Glamorous crowds flock to the event to watch the world’s top polo players fight for victory before celebrating at glittering parties in the capital’s most exclusive bars and clubs. The world world championship is played during November and December.


You can´t miss, Floralis, the stainless steel, aluminium and modern technology giant flower created by Eduardo Catelano. Set to unfurl its stainless steel petals in the morning and then close them again as sunset approaches, it is very striking and quite dazzling when the sun is on it.  This 25 metre high blossom, is the head for Plaza de Naciones Unidas, and door to Belles Atres Museum in Recoleta.

Colon Opera House

The Teatro Colón (Colón Theatre) is one of the most important opera houses in the world, because of it`s rich and prestigious history and its exceptional acoustics and architectural. It is pride of the Argentinian culture and a standard for opera, ballet and classical music across the world, CHECK 2016 calender here. You may also take daily guided tours.

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